Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Yerba Mate and Caffeine

The issue of whether there is or is not caffeine in Yerba Mate has long been a controversial subject. We are not out to prove one or the other, but rather, we tell people what we know by the experiences that we and countless others have shared. Some people who have allergies to caffeine can drink Yerba Mate without any problem. Some who have allergies react to it. Exactly why, we do not know.

There are stimulants in Yerba Mate, similar to what is in coffee. However, because of the minerals and vitamins they are connected with, they are assimilated by the body very differently from the caffeine in coffee and other teas. Yerba Mate does not attack the nervous system, but rather stimulates the metabolism. It does not give the jitters or shakes, digestive troubles, or a high with a low 'crash' at the end. It stimulates much more evenly and slowly, making it a more pleasant experience. All the health benefits it gives us fortify our bodies instead of making them weaker and susceptible to fatigue. The stimulants in Yerba Mate are only a small part of the complete structure that makes it energizing and healthful.

Consider salt as well. Sodium Chloride is known to be harmful when taken by itself. But in it's natural form, the sodium chloride in salt is only a part of the structure made up of over 80 other minerals and trace minerals, making it completely different in the way it acts upon the body. Salt is good, before greedy people separate the other minerals from the sodium chloride in order to sell them as mineral supplements. Table salt is not really salt, as we were intended to ingest it. Sodium Chloride is not salt, but it is a component of it.

(We aim to have pure, unprocessed, hand-harvested salt from Portugal available soon.)

The stimulating properties in Yerba Mate are pleasant, sustained, and found by most to be free from the unpleasant side effects often associated with coffee and other teas. Of course not everyone experiences exactly the same results due to a wide range of variables. We always advise people on medication to consult their physician

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